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Saturday, November 14, 2009

192. SCR Family Dinner

We had a family dinner at SCR (Singapore Chicken Rice) restaurant, this evening. All came except for my second child, Farok who is 29 years old who lives on his own, he couldn't make it.

SCR has just been renovated and we were also anxious to see it's new surroundings. We weren't disappointed though, we liked the place, and the food were yummy.

Inside the SCR restaurant which has been renovated.

View of the Front Counter

Yummy Food....

We had 2 plates of Roasted Chicken

Baby 'Khailan' cooked with Oyster Sauce

Some more vegetable...

The special cooked rice...

I just love these grounded chillies, with some ketchup on it

Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce, halfway been eaten he he...almost forgot to take a snap of it with my hp :p

I had Teh C

The girls had Blackcurrant Drinks

Present at the dinner was my grandson Alif with his daddy

He had just woken up from his afternoon nap and wasn't particularly in a good mood :)

Noormy, my youngest daughter

Aya,my 3rd daughter who refused to get her pic taken & Zu my eldest daughter, Alif's mother.

Myself & hubby

It was indeed an enjoyable dinner, we chattered amidst Alif's tantrums and wants, which was to me happening in a any normal family.

I hope you had an enjoyable evening too.


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