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Friday, November 6, 2009

184. Last Day in KK

We stayed 3 nights and 4 days at Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel and each morning we have breakfast free at the Hunter's Lounge. I've no complaint about other things, the people at the hotel were very friendly and helpful, but I got a little bored eating 'Bubur Nasi' & 'Nasi Lemak' every morning. They can change these two to 'Laksa Sarawak' or 'Nasi Goreng' with some 'Ulam'. That would be nice :) But there were lots and lots of eggs though, and you can ask the chef to cook it in any way you like, scrambled, omellette or 'Mata Lembu' style.

Scenery in the coffee house at an early breakfast hour.

Eating Nasi Lemak and eggs cooked 'Mata Lembu' style

My Nasi Lemak

My Eggs 'Mata Lembu ' style

Noormy enjoying her breakfast too

We had a chance too to sit and eat at 'Sugar Bun Cafe' in KK. It's clean and a nice place to sit around.

Not forgetting to take pictures there too...lol..

2 things I can't find anywhere else except in Kota Kinabalu are these :-

Aya & Noormy bought this Japanese food (maybe I can find it in Japan? :p called 'Japanese Boat Tekiyaki' at 'Wisma Merdeka'. I find it delicious. RM2.80 per boat.

Japanese Boat Tekiyaki

And the other one, look at this almost like popcorn balls, self made by a lady who lives in Tawau. It taste nice and sells plenty at the KK wet market. This is called 'Keropok Amplang' RM10.00 per packet.

Keropok Amplang


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