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Thursday, November 19, 2009

197. Chicken Wings & Pickled Mustard Soup

After the heavy curry chicken that Aya cooked yesterday, today I feel like eating something soupy. There is still one glass bowl of it in the refrigerator though.

So to combine with it, I decided that we eat 'Chicken Wings & Pickled Mustard Soup' for the main meal today. This morning while thinking of what to cook I found about 6 pieces of chicken wings in the fridge. I took them out and soak them in a basin of water, and half an hour later chopped them into small pieces.

Leaving them aside I drove to Servay TT (only a 5 minutes drive away) and bought a packet of pickled mustard (RM1.00 per packet).

When home, I washed and sliced the pickled mustard about 2 inches long. To prepare the soup is quite simple. Just ground 2 inches of ginger, 3 pieces of garlic and throw them into a pot of boiling water (the amount that I want). When boiled, put in the sliced pickled mustard. Let that boiled a bit longer so as the salt taste from the pickled mustard mixed well into the soup. That way, I can add the right amount of salt later. Lastly, sprinkled some white pepper into the soup.

Homemade Chicken Wings & Pickled Mustard Soup

Eat this soup hot, the combination of chicken meat and pickled mustard make it very tasty.


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