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Thursday, November 12, 2009

190. Durians & A Side Dish

Besides crazy eating this yellow flesh 'Durians', I was also in the mood of eating 'Sambal Belacan' with some boiled vegetables. This has been going on for a couple of days. The day before I ate boiled 'Kangkong' with 'Sambal Belacan' and today I ate boiled 'Lady's Fingers' with 'Sambal Belacan'.

Hey, talk about durians, I love these yellow flesh ones, don't you? But these you can only eat at home, if you eat them outside, your fingers will be all yellow and you will smell of durian all over, ha ha...

My second choice of Durian :)

Sambal Belacan

Easy to make 'Sambal Belacan'
Ground 4 - 5 red chillies
Add 2 inches belacan
Add some anchovies
When all are well grounded, add some lime juice
Ready to serve.

And eating 'Sambal Belacan' with these boiled lady's fingers make a delicious side dish.

I just love these food :p



Temuk said...

Salam Pn Isah
The 'orange' & yellow durian sure look nice. Haven't tasted any Sarawak/Sabah durian, including the 'red' one. God permitting, one day, I'll have opportunity to do it! Have a nice day.

Puan Isah said...

W'salam Temuk,
Thank you for passing by & commenting on the 'durians' in this post. oh yes, I had meant my favourite was the 'orange' flesh durian. The second pic was the yellow durian. You love durian too it seemed :)
Why I love the 'orange' durian more is because of it's unique pungent smell, it's flesh is more 'lunak' & I nvr find any of them bad whenever I bought them. They are definitely cheaper than the yellow durians too.
The 'red' durian is a jungle product of Sabah. I went to KK,Sabah last october & my eyes did roamed the market in case I see the 'red durian' everybody mentioned, unfortunately I couldn't find any. Ha ha..I am still looking forward to taste it yet.
I pray you will get your wish to come over to Sabah & Sarawak one day to taste these unique durians.
Thank you again for passing by,
do have a nice Sunday :)