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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

188. A Rainy Picnic in The Car

I know this sounds crazy to you...but this morning suddenly I have this feeling of wanting to get out of the house for a while. I didn't know why but I know I just had to do it. So in a frenzy, I tried to finish the morning chores in between looking after alif, cleaning up the cats' litter bin and letting them out and helping make the chicken soup. Usually it's aya who cook but today she was on morning and I just had to cook it myself because that way it will be so much faster.

So after sending Aya to work, Alif & I end up at the back entrance of City Fan. Unfortunately it began to rain. I had thought of bringing Alif outside to the building near the entrance so he can walk about. Since it rained we both just stayed in the car.

This is the back entrance and this photo was taken after the rain stopped. We weren't the only ones eating, I noticed those 2 ladies in the picture were also eating packed breakfast.

I had brought something to eat as both of us hasn't eaten anything yet. 'Nasi Goreng' for me, hot nescafe in a flask and for Alif, some biscuits, fried sausages, not forgetting his milk and a cup of Ribena.

Quite a picnic huh? :)

Alif munching his biscuit

Friends... :)

We were there for an hour. After almost finishing the food I packed, we headed for home. On the way home Alif fell asleep.

That was quite a morning, simple yet enjoyable for both of us.


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