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Friday, November 13, 2009

191. Taman Selera

Whenever I go to eat at Taman Selera, (you can read more about this place here) I must eat 2 things. One is drink 'Laichee Kang' ( I don't know if that is the correct spelling) from the second stall on my right facing the sea, and the other is eat 'Rojak Campur' from the second stall on my left facing the sea ( I hope you get that :)

I like to drink the 'Laichee kang' hot, and some says this drink is good for removing body heat. (Is that true? I wonder :p) This drink is quite sweet and has some soaked dried fruits at the bottom of the glass.

Laichee Kang Drink RM2

Rojak Campur RM7 (A combination of fried prawn dough, fried yam, fried tauhu, some sliced cucumber)

What I like is the thick sauce with some grounded peanuts on it and chillies to go with if you ask for it.

It is just sooo...nice sitting there eating all these while I can watch the sun set in front of me :)

Sun has set, beautiful isn't it?


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