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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

264. I Was Tagged

I was tagged by TK.

Thanks TK :) I will try to answer as honest as I can. I was tagged about my driving experience :P

Adakah anda mempunyai lesen memandu? (Do you have a driving licence?)
Yes, I do.

Bilakah anda mengambil lesen memandu? (When did you get your driving licence?)
In 1971.

Berapa lamakah pengalaman memandu anda? ( years of experience in driving?)
Since 1976 until now.

Pengalaman pahit ketika memandu?( any bad experience?? )
Oh yes, in the first 5 years of driving I got involved in 3 car accidents!.
After that and especially now, I am so very careful when driving.

Pengalaman manis? ( Any good/memorable experience??)
When I am driving with family to Bintulu. We bring food rations along the way and stop to eat at the canteens or 'gerai' at the side of the road.

3 tabiat ketika memandu? (3 habits while driving )
I love making plans when I am alone in the car.
I love observing people and the scenery outside.
I love hearing my own kind of music (oldies) in the car.

3 pantang time I memandu (3 things you dislike )
I dislike big cars following too near behind me.
When a car trying to cut the queue without signalling me.
I dislike drivers who reverse without looking at their mirrors. Twice I got hit by a car, once when I was waiting behind a parking car who started to reverse, the other when I was on my motorbike behind a car.

Now I am gonna tag a few other blogger friends. I hope they will find some time to do this tag too :)

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TK said...

Thank You for doing this tag. Cepat betul Mak Isah buat assignment.Wah, you like to listen to oldies. What is your favourite song? BTW, you got your licence before I was even born hehe.

Puan Isah said...

Sori ni agak lambat jawap he he...
Assignment? ha ha..mak isah sgt ambil berat kalo kawan2 yang bagi, especially TK! Lagi pun dulu2 lepas je abis exams form 5 sempat jadi guru sambilan kejap :)
My favorite song? mungkin TK tak kenal lagu ni kot.. 'Ave Maria' nyanyian Connie Francis. Mak isah can sing and had sung on stage this song before :) itu dulu eh...sekarang tak nak la

A'ah tau..TK belom lahir tahun tu kan, lagi pun gf mak isah ajak belajar driving tu..mak isah takde pun kereta, kata dia if we learn now cheap, nanti a few years to come, mahal!
Mak isah bayar RM120 je waktu tu!