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Friday, May 28, 2010

283. Daging Ketchup

Now that I have started to do my 'Cendol Business', I can't all the time be at the kitchen to cook :p

So, what I decided to do is, cook one dish which I can always keep in the freezer and when there ain't enough 'lauk' (menu) on the table I will scoop out some of this dish to add to on the table. Do you get what I mean? :)

I cooked a meat dish I called 'Daging Ketchup'

My 'Daging Ketchup'

Ingredients :-

2 kilo meat (cut into medium cubes)
1 cup dark soy sauce
1 cup Maggi tomato sauce
3 tablespoons of sugar or according to your taste
2" ginger
3 shallots
3 garlic

Ground ginger, shallots and the garlic.
Saute the grounded ingredients in some oil in a big pan.
Add in the clean cut meat cubes into the pan.
Add in the dark soy sauce.
Let the meat boil and become tender.
Add some water in the process of letting the meat become tender.
Later add in the Maggi tomato sauce.
Let it boil, the ingredients mixed well and at the end process not too much sauce.
Add the sugar.
Add a pinch of salt (already salty due to the soy sauce) and ajinomoto.

When cool store in containers and freeze. Keep some for eating at the table.

My 'Daging Ketchup', I keep in one or two of these containers to be freeze :)

p/s. If you are wondering where I am blogging this, I am down stair in front of my old pc, in between attending and watching for 'cendol' customers he he... sempat!! LOL

Happy Holidays everyone!


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mira said...

mama isah..
sempat ye tgh jual cendol oso can blog2.. thats y u r mama hebat! :) super mama isah! hehehehe..

how come there are recipes yang guna raisin? tak pernah menjadi my masakan for this dish.. huhuh.. why my meat salu ja keras juga ya? my family jarang masak these dishe.. we call this dish masakan hari raya coz we only get this during raya! haha.. at home, kalau beef usually we just make curry with loads of potato (biasa la.. orang india, semuanya kari ja kan..), then maybe goreng kering.. itu ja.. :) hehehe.. nanti i try ur dish! cam sedap u!~ :)

Puan Isah said...

Hey, good morning sweetie :)
Sempat! hish, mama isah orang biasa je. But thank you! :p

Ni ah bangun awal sikit so I can blog and answer your comment here, sebab semalam agak letih nak on my notebook ha ha..

Mak isah tak berapa suka pakai raisin, prefer to use tomato sauce. One thing raisin is more expensive than tomato sauce right? you can omit the tomato sauce and use raisin. Then your dish will become darker :)

This dish using ketchup or dark soy sauce we call it, is a favorite with my son and youngest daughter and of course you can cook this for Hari Raya or any festivals too.

To make the meat tender, after adding the ketchup, you must cook the meat under medium fire for some time ( taste for tenderness now and then) before you add the tomato sauce. Even after adding you must still cook under medium fire until sauce is thick.

Go on try! :)

Happy Gawai to you and family my dear :)

TK said...

Sempat lagi tuh blogging while selling cendol!! Since I started blogging I have so many things to do in my mind-nak buat itu ini and reserve sedikit masa utk bloging. Now my maid dah takde. I'm trying my best to juggle between everything. Kelam kabut gak dibuatnya. BTW, daging masak kicap ni mmg sedap..simple but delicious.

mira said...

Hi mama Isah,

am in KK now, and sempat gak i wanna check ur blog, i just remember, my mama pesan, kalau mau meat tu tender, she say she masak the meat with spoons? petua katanya.. hehehe

Hello Mr TK,
blogging memang like dat.. kene juggle2 la masa tu! :) hehehe, tapi kalau tak post.. rasa tak best plak.. so, we try our best to update2 ya.. love ur blog too! :)

Puan Isah said...

TK dear, ha ha ha...sempat!! :p
ilex le TK.. kan now cuti sekolah, jgn rebut-rebut kat masa nanti tak baik.
Cuti sekolah, maid ni mesti cuti jugak agak nye he he...yup I can imagine :p

But take care ok? and enjoy yourself some time during this holiday!


Puan Isah said...

Aduh, paduhal in KK mira ni he he...
w your mom?
Enjoy your holidays ok!

w spoons? first time mama isah hear this, but can try the next time I want to 'tender' my meat. Say thanks to your mom :)

Dilla said...

Salam Puan Isah,
Saya selalu buat lauk2 frozen ni. Antara yg ada dalam list frozen lauk saya:
1. Kuah Bolognese (utk spagetti, pizza topping)
2. Kuah Asam Pedas Melaka (sebab lama nak tumis)
3. Kuah Laksa Johor
4. Kuah Gulai Nasi Dagang.
5. Sambal tumis ikan bilis yang dikisar (ini utk kegunaan menggoreng nasi, mee/mee hoon)

Selamat Maju Jaya untuk bisnes Puan Isah :)

Puan Isah said...

Salam Dilla
Selalu? wah, saya ada permintaan ni :)
Bole tak share recipe2 untuk no.2,3&4 tu? Dilla post la kat blog Dilla, nak cuba masakan tu jugak :)

Terima kasih...atas berkat doa Dilla dan kawan2 cam tu la harapan saya :)

stay safe ok