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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

275. Masak Putih Ikan Bawal

Lately my house has got an influx of 'Ikan Bawal Hitam' (Pomfret in English?) , so I have been cooking this fish in between other dishes this last 2 weeks; been frying them, had made curry or 'Asam Pedas' out of them, even steamed.

There are 2 types of Ikan Bawal, this one I am cooking is 'Ikan Bawal Hitam' and the other is 'Ikan Bawal Putih', which is more expensive.

Today I prefer something not hot but a bit salty and sourish. So I cooked 'Masak Putih Ikan Bawal' for lunch today.

Ikan Bawal Hitam which I had cut and cleaned.

To cook as always my recipe is simple and quick :p - Ground these small red onions, garlic, ginger and the belacan paste (shrimp paste). Break the 2 lemon grass

Saute all the ingredients until cooked and aromatic. Add water (how much soup I want) and bring to boil.

Add in tamarind juice.

This is tamarind paste. To get the juice add in some water, throw away the seeds and pour the juice into the boiled soup. I prefer using tamarind paste instead of 'Asam Gelugor' here.

Add salt and ajinomoto to taste. Add in the cut fish into the soup. Quickly let it boil and taste again for its saltiness and sourish taste. If good then off the fire.

Eat the soup hot with rice. I eat the fish flesh dip in dark soy sauce.

Masak Putih Ikan Bawal Hitam

My share of the fish :p That's how the soup looks like at a close range.

Have you ever cook this way before? :)


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Lady of Leisure said...

salam puan isah.. sedap nampak masak putih ikan bawal ni... hujan2 ni mesti sedap hirup kan..

Kak Rosaliza said...

salam puan isah...saya dh amik award tu...tapi mohon maaf byk2 ya tak dpt saya nak jwb tag. sedap n simple msk gini. saya pun suka msk2 yang simple. tq ya puan isah bagi award

Puan Isah said...

Salam Lady :)
A'ah betul tu..sedap hirup sup panas waktu time ujan LOL...

Puan Isah said...

Salam kak rosa
Terima kasih, kerana singgah :)
Takpe tak dapat buat tag, saya ok je..terima kasih kerana sudi menerima.
A'ah kekadang teringin buat sup yang tak pedas

Semoga ceria selalu!

mr. pineapple man said...

that is a funny looking fish but im sure its delicious!

TK said...

Hi Mak Isah! Yap..promfret..Never try that recipe before. Simple and easy to prepare kan? Promfret is a very delicious fish. I loike..Usually I made Sweet Sour..

Puan Isah said...

Hello mr pineapple man :)
It is, but the white 'ikan bawal' is nicer cooked this way.
I guess you don't see this fish in your area :)

Have a nice day!

Puan Isah said...

Hello dear TK :)
Yes delicious if cooked sweet sour. I guess you've never tried this recipe yet, simple and easy, and if you don't like to put in the belacan you can omit it. Still taste nice for some who can't tolerate hot spicy soup he he...

Have a good day dear!