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Friday, May 21, 2010

278. Books I am Reading

When I go travelling or going out somewhere, for example to pay bills at the Post Office where I need to wait I will bring a Reader's Digest with me in my handbag. If there is a long queue until my number is called I will take a seat and open to read my Reader's Digest. I prefer reading it at these time because it contained short stories.

There are a selections of articles. one on 'Laugh', 'Quotes', 'Puzzler' and 'Last Laugh' which I enjoy reading. The best article is 'My Story'. This is a regular feature about moving, challenging or amusing true personal experiences above and beyond the call of daily life. And if you get your story published they will pay you $350 Singapore Dollars for it.

Nowadays, a copy of Reader's Digest costs me RM16. Expensive. The one in the picture is my February edition which I bought when I was on my trip to Kuching. Lately I go to my local library which is only a 5 minutes walk away from my house to read the latest Reader's Digest. I will buy one when I am off for my next trip to Kota Kinabalu in November :)

Reader's Digest

Now I am a member of the local library, have been for the last 5 years. As a member I am entitled to borrow 3 books at any one time for 2 weeks. I only wish I can finish all the 3 books in 2 weeks. Often I have to go back to the library to get a re 'chop' so I can borrow the same book for another 2 weeks!

I like to read local writers. I find it is easier to apply the tips they gave me. For example this gardening book here, it is written by a female writer who is born in Malacca. And the plants are all those that I can find around in my hometown. I am not an ardent gardener myself, but these are tips especially for beginners and are useful to know :)

Tanaman Hiasan Ruangan

This is another book I borrowed. This was written by a Malaysian lady Cecilia Tan.

I don't read all what's written in this book, just here and there where I find good. For example there's one topic on tips to 'stay calm when driving' and there's another topic called 'Happiness is managing your thinking style'. Some I know but there is no harm reading them and knowing that I am on the right path, right? :p

Mom's Tips for Happiness

My third book is an English novel. I love Jackie Collins books.

This book is called 'Drop Dead Beautiful'. This is about the continuing adventures of the Santangelo family. The first book was called 'Chances', which I have read not once but twice LOL..

Drop Dead Beautiful

Surprise, surprise, I also read Malay novels! I have this book by Nia Azalea called ' Seredup Kasihmu'. I like Nia's books. Her Malay language well put and simple.

Seredup KasihMu

I usually don't read Malay love stories but if the writer is Nia Azalea I do.

If you have any other writer on Malay novels or even English novels (that you know & think it is nice ) do let me know :)

Until then, happy reading!

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Lady of Leisure said...

tertarik dengan gardening book tu coz i love gardening... suka pokok2 bunga... cumanya may be sebab lady tak pandai menanam, money plant yang senang hidup tu pun mati kalau lady tanam... i dont know how true it is when some people said tangan panas and tangan sejuk.. some believe kalau tanam pokok senang hidup maknanya tangan sejuk and vice versa hehe..

Puan Isah said...

I like to plant plants with flowers in pots. Used to :P because b4 I have more time to spent here. Now I plant a few je, sebab kalau terlalu byk tak larat nak tukar bila akar dah tua. I have 3 pots of money plant, I learned from my weekly maid, she told me after tanam dlm pot jgn terlalu kuat matahari, so I placed them where they have only the morning sunlight.
Tak pasti la lady pasal tgn sejuk atau panas ni he he...bagi I sama je. Kena try and try lady, mungkin kena baca buku for beginners mcm buku I ni he he..

Be safe :)