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Saturday, May 22, 2010

279. AF8

Shahir is the Winner of one of the top Malaysian reality shows in tonight's concert. Actually I haven't been following this year's 'Akademi Fantasia 8' weekly shows like I did in the last year's 'Akademi Fantasia 7'.

Why, it's because I find the students of this year's Af aren't that good or as daring and as challenging as last year's. No one came out of their 'shell' :) . Almost right from the start I knew that Shahir would be the winner. And he is.

The 5 finalists in tonight's final night. from left :- Shahir, Iwan, Maulana, Daus and Adira.

Congratulations Shahir! I like you!

p/s. Pictures are from Astro.


TK said...

Mmm...so agree with u. AF8 tak best. Like Shahir too!

Puan Isah said...

Betul. Kekadang tak nak mak isah tengok, gi 'lari' channel lain pulak LOL..especially bila si Daus tu mula lupak lirik! aduhhh...

A'ah..kalau mak isah la jadi pengetua kan, mak isah suruh shahir bukak 'braces' yang dia pakai tu semalam! untuk semalam je.. :p itu pun kalau mak isah jadi pengetua he he...kalau je... :p

Happy Sunday to you dear!