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Saturday, May 15, 2010

272. Miri Luak Esplanade

This is how it looks every weekend at the Miri Luak Esplanade.

The Esplanade is situated at Luak, a place 6 miles away on the south side of Miri. It is a place where the people of Miri go for walks beside the beach, have picnics and outings with family whilst enjoying the scenery and ocean breeze.

People have picnics in the afternoons and in the evenings young people participate in car audio and various other activities like flying kites.

The best time to drive to this place is during the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. As usual there are food stalls set up along the stretch with a variety of local delights, snacks and drinks to try.

Alif loves car rides, so the three (Zu, myself and him) of us went this evening. I parked the car at one parking place and we just sat in the car to enjoy the views.

The one in the sky is not a plane but a kite. There were 2 kites :)

Parking was full

Individuals and family are enjoying the views while eating tit bits bought at the nearby stalls

I think we sat in the car for more almost an hour. The sun has set in

Earlier on I snapped a picture of Alif and his mom eating hot 'Pisang Goreng'

Before heading home I took this last picture.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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TK said...

I suka posting mak Isah yg ini. I suka tgok photos of beaches at other places. Cantik sungguh beach in Miri. Last week I was at LCCT and sat besides a sarawakian girl. I asked her which part of Sarawak is she from? She said she is from Bintulu and she told me Miri is about 8 hours journey to Bintulu! Jauhnya!

Puan Isah said...

TK - Tauuu... :p
Mak isah tau TK suka ambik gambar2 pemandangan kan?
Bagi Mak isah Luak Esplanade ni cantik sekali di waktu senja. Dulu2 waktu Mak isah stress2 keja kat klinik selalu gi drive kejap kat situ baru balik rumah ha ha ha...

8 hours? eh, takde la..mak isah dan famili often gi car drive to Bintulu, stay overnight kat hotel kemudian balik after bfas the next morning. Less than that about 4 hours pegi and 4 hours balik je, itu pun kalau drive tak laju.

Check it out at this url k,

Petikan dari url ni :-
'How to get to Bintulu by Car? Bintulu is linked to major town and cities in Sarawak by extensive network of roads. The nearest city Miri is only 3 hours drive from Bintulu via the coastal road and 3 hour plus using the old highway'.

Talk abt Bintulu, teringin pulak mak isah nak pegi drive bulan Jun nanti :P

Be safe dear