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Thursday, May 20, 2010

277. My 5 Cats

Of all my 5 cats, Wiwi is my favorite. He is my own male cat which I adopted from my son Farouk (he owned a lot of cats which he sold to some Bruneians who wants to have cats as their pets). I adopted Wiwi five years ago.

Wiwi is half Siamese half Persian. His mother Wini was a Siamese cat and his father Tomi was Persian.


It rained the whole day today, since early this morning, until now. When it is a cold day, Wiwi likes to sit at any corner of the kitchen floor while waiting for me to finish my cooking. He seems to know by 1pm or 130pm I will be going up stair to my room. That's when he wants to be let into my air conditioned room to sleep.

This is Pinky ( I called him 'Baby') . He is such a baby. He is scared of everyone except me. And he doesn't like anyone except me LOL... He wasn't mine initially. He belonged to Zu my eldest daughter. After she had her son she doesn't seem to have time to look after Pinky, so I said give him to me and she did.

Pinky is a grouchy Persian cat. He likes to be alone most of the time. Good thing too because his right eye is always troubling him. Every morning I have to clean his eyes with warm water and drop eyedrop in his right eye.

Pinky (Baby)

This is Cemi, a male ordinary cat. I found him at the shop where I always buy my cats' Whiskas and litter sands from. He was for free. I like his 2 big eyes that was why I adopted him. At first he was such a noisy little cat who didn't like to be in his cage at night. Now he is used to it. On a cold day he loves being cuddled. Here hubby held him for a while after his lunch.


These 2 are Siamese cats, brother and sister whom I adopted from my son as well. Actually the female (on the right with the black nose) belonged to my 3rd daughter Aya, who now seemed to be too busy with work. She is called Mili and her brother (on the left) is called Melo. On a cold day like this, these 2 likes to cuddle together.

Melo & Mili

Their favorite place to laze is under my kitchen table

Only Wiwi gets his 2 hours sleep in my room ha ha....& what a pose!

Recently I told hubby I would like to give away one or two of the four cats to anyone who'd like to give them a home. I wanted to only keep Wiwi with me. But hubby disagree, he says it is good to keep them, 'Murah rezeki' (Good things always come your way) he said.

Is that true?

Do you like cats?

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Lady of Leisure said...

all of them are sooooo adorable.... i agree, insyaAllah murah rezeki.. i have 2 indoor cats, yang outdoor ada 6 hehe.. one of them is pregnant... yang outdoor tu sebenarnya not our cat tapi dorang selalu datang makan di sini... i believe dorang mendoakan kita juga... :-)

i love cats so much, sejak ada arri and molly, my life, my thinking, perception change tremendously... hope to be with them for many many many more years ahead...

Lady of Leisure said...

btw, suka tengok wiwi tidur macam tu... cute sangat... i ve read somewhere, yang perut ni antara bahagian paling sensitive pada kucing, kalau dia dedahkan perut macam tu meaning they feel safe and comfortable.. hehe.. u are so lucky tu be surrounded by them, they are so cute..

Puan Isah said...

Mudah-mudahan, InsyaAllah.. :)

Yes, memang adorable, mcm arri dan molly jugak! Wahh..betul you too have some outdoor cats? My hubby punya cats are 6 outdoor cats! Dia pun ada, tiap2 hari bagi boiled fish with rice. So all in all my house has 5 indoor cats dan 6 outdoor cats ha ha...byk!

Betul la kata lady tu...wiwi tu..bila tido mcm tu kan, saya buat noise sebelah pun dia tak hirau atau bangun pun. Kekadang ketawa sorang saya dibuat nya.

Yea, I am lucky to have them :) Baru tadi Noormy was saying to me, if without the cats we'll be so sunyi kata nya LOL..

mr. pineapple man said...

purrr~~~ im so scared of animals, i can't even pet it...if i try, i always try to pet the rear part which makes it turn around and try to sniff my hand!! i freak out....

Puan Isah said...

Purrrr...it won't bite you Mr pineapple man :) Nevertheless, I understand how you feel, it is okay to be so scared of animals.

Have a great weekend!

TK said...

Mak Isah mmg boleh gang dgn Lady Of Leisure. Dia mmg peminat kucing. Me too suka tapi my MIL yg tolong belakan. Used to have 3 cats-KItty, Smoky and Miko tapi Kitty And Smoky mati sakit last yeaR.Cantik2 kucing Mak Isah. I GERAM tengok!!!

Puan Isah said...

TK, A'ah..bole gang dgn Lady tapi mak isah nak gang dengan semua la LOL...
Ni mesti Lady senyum bila baca part ni :p

oh kesian...takpe bole bela lagi. Tauu..TK sgt bangat busy dgn keja sekolah kan? err...MIL tu stand for ape ye? dah selalu baca, mak isah sangka je tu stand for hubby? or wrong? tapi mak isah masih nak tau letters tu stand for ape..he he...

Thank you, mak isah syg sgt pada kuching2 mak isah tu!