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Monday, August 10, 2009

125. Brocolli & Brunch

I love brocolli...but it is so expensive here in Miri. 'Nyesal' (regret) betul I didn't buy it in Kuching the other day and packed them and bring back here. I did think about doing so, but I said to myself,' I packed banyak-banyak buat pe, nanti tak abis di makan di Miri layu klak.' Brocolli, is best cooked when fresh and eaten just after cooked. They are so crispy berbunyi,'krop, krop' in my mouth ha ha ha...

Jeles betul aku, bila baca blog sidak european, ada ka senang-senang pick brocolli in their own garden? They can plant it in their own garden while we import them to our country. Aahh...kan syok if I can do the same thing, I mean just pick them? He he..never mind la, if I feel like eating some more brocolli, I just buy in small quantity in the supermarkets here in Miri :)

This one I cooked the way my sister in law taught me. Simple, but sometimes simple things we don't know ah?
Pound a couple of garlic, a bit of 'Bombay' onions or you can sliced them if you like. Pour very little oil just to fry the garlic and onions. Pour some water, wait to boil then add salt and aji to your taste. When boiled again, just pour the sliced brocolli. Add too some sliced carrot, sliced China sweet cabbage, sliced fresh tomatoes or even sliced tinned mushroom and some fresh prawns. Lastly add very little cornflour, very little oyster sauce and not least, pour some sesame oil. Taste again according to your taste.
Now you can eat this 'vege' dish with hot rice and your other dishes.

I just can't live without vegetables. Can you?

On another story,this was what happened yesterday (Sunday) morning around 11am. Noormy and I had 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Tilapia' again at 'Mahyan Cafe'. We were both hungry and when hungry during brunch hours we usually head to Mahyan Cafe whenever we have the chance to do so...to eat Nasi Lalapan of course.

Our favourite 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Tilapia' RM10.00

With this Nasi Lalapan, I've learned to eat the 'Tempe'. I don't know how last time, now I do. I believe many young boys and girls do not know how to eat this. I said this because Noormy practically throw her share of 'tempe' onto my plate. This is soya bean I think and I do not know how they can be made to stick together lika a piece of cake. You can find this sold in the 'Tamu Muhibbah' or any vegetable shops in town. I find out this 'tempe' is more delicious if you dip it in a flour dough then fried.

Next time, have a go at it :)


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The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and lovely comment you left! It's very nice to "meet" you!

I love broccoli too, actually my whole family likes it. It's interesting that it's hard for you to get. It's so easy here. I always have bags of frozen broccoli heads in my freezer and in the fall I grow it in my garden!

Take care,


Puan Isah said...

Manuela, thanks for the visit. It was a great pleasure to have met you and stumbled on your blog. I hope to visit it often from now on :)
You love brocolli! It is such a shame you are miles away ha ha...(j/kidding).
But it was an eye opener for me to know you can grow them in your garden so easily whilst we need to import them.
Thanks for the visit again, do have a nice day.


Temuk said...

Assalamualaikum Puan Isah,
Mohon izin singgah. You have a nice blog. And I like to read postings on food & makan! Don't you get brocolli from Cameron Highlands, Semenanjung? I love that stuff too, but as you said, it is expensive.

Puan Isah said...

Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah...
Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I like to read postings on food too, but my blog is on what's happenings in my everyday life mostly, which I'd like to share :)
I guess brocolli can be obtain from Cameron Highlands like you said, still, it is far from where I am staying, over the sea and still as expensive.
I visited your blog as well and I find your blog is interesting especially your latest post about your 'special' tree :)

do have a nice day, thanks again for visiting.