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Saturday, August 29, 2009

141. Seberkas Pasar Ramadhan

The 'Pasar Ramadhan' at Seberkas roundabout has lots of things and items to offer. I noticed they are more cleaner and much to my surprise this year the sellers at the stalls have put large banners to promote the food and things or items they are selling. This is good, easier for the buyers to know where the items come from and what are the names of the food they are buying and how much.

These are 'Kuih Lapis Sarawak' a very popular kind for the coming festive season 'Hari Raya Puasa'. I like to read the names of the kuih and asked the person who sells, what the kuih are made of, for example there is this cute 'Swiss Roll Kek' it has some taste of blueberry and pandan in it, I was told. Many more which I really cannot remember their names :)

Many types of 'Dodol', This is 'Dodol Labu' and 'Dodol Kacang Merah'.

At one end, clothes like ready made 'Baju Kurung' of different sizes and affordable prices are on sale too. This is very convenient.

These are for those who wear 'Tudong' (like myself) and are called 'Siti Nurhaliza's Tudong' (after our Malaysian artist and singer).

For the ladies who are crazy about costume jewelleries you can find them here too.

Now, I've never eaten this. It is 'Char kuey' the lady said. So curious to find out how it taste I bought one 'tapau'. It was looking good and tempting when it was hot and being fried. Unfortunately, when it was 'sungkai time' it has got cold and not too nice. But it was a great experience to taste it.

I stopped by at a cousin's stall who is selling 'Murtabak' and 'Roti Canai'.

'Murtabak Daging' cooking on the hot plate.

These, down here, are 2 types of chinese kuih that I like to eat, and these are made by a converted Chinese lady who married a Malay man, En Latip, so she was the one who made them.

I am not sure (correct me if I am wrong :) but I think the red ones are called 'Kuih Koci' and the one wrapped by the special leaves is called 'Kuih Chang'. Inside this 'Kuih Chang' is some grounded peanuts and some chicken meat.

Kuih Chang & Kuih Koci.

A rare dish, this is 'Umai Obor-Obor' (Jellyfish)

Seberkas Pasar Ramadhan was packed with crowds of people towards evening and barely space to walk. Traffic was heavy due to people coming and going home.

It was a little after 6pm when I reached home.


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