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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

126. Driving, Driving.

It's 11.10pm. I've just had a glass of hot milo with some Coffeemate. I am waiting for Noormy's phone call to tell me it is time to fetch her. Today she is on afternoon duty 2pm - 12mn. Till then I have some time to write here.

It has been a hectic day. I have been driving up and down in the car, to town. A bit after 9am I had to send Aya to work at the Bintang Mega Mall. On my way back Alif (my grandson) was a bit fretful due to his 'shortened' morning nap which was due at 9am earlier on. But of course he has to come with me send Aya. Plus his bowel movement isn't regular the last couple of days.

That's one time driving up and down to town area, which was 12km to and fro.

At 12noon, I need to send Alif's father (son-in-law & husband to my daughter Zu) to the bus terminal at Pujut Padang Kerbau. He was on his way to Bintulu by bus and then off to offshore from there. The terminal is even further from where Aya is working, distance almost double. So that would be approximately 24km to and fro. Alif and Zu tagged along too.

Down here are some pictures which I managed to take while driving away after sending Alif's father. I was told the tickets can be booked online too. These buses mainly go to all the stops like Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei, Sri Aman and lastly to Kuching.

The newest bus, Biaramas called 'Bus Asia', you can book the tickets online.

That's second time driving up and down to town area.

At 1.30pm I sent Noormy to work. She wanted to use her motorbike but I could see clouds and would soon be raining. Marriot & Spa (where Noormy works) is not too far, about 7km away.

That's the third time driving up and down, to and fro a total of 14km.

At 8pm earlier this evening I fetched Aya back from work, to and fro a total of 12km again.

And now, soon... I will be fetching Noormy after she finished work at 12midnight.

That will make a total of 4 times driving up and down in the car, today. And driving a total of 76km in the car.


Suddenly Noormy called saying that Aya is already waiting in the car to fetch her. So Aya decided to fetch her for me. Now that is really nice of her even though she went without telling me he he...
That's minus 14km! So amidst to doing some cleaning in the kitchen, seeing to the laundry, and looking after Alif as well as the cats, I drove 62km folks!

I am dead tired and I don't know if I can sleep.


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