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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

127. Breakfast & Movie

Every morning whenever Alif gets his morning nap (around 9am - 10am) I took the chance to have my half hour breakfast and read the day's newspapers, 'The Borneo Post'. Today I did the same thing. If I can do this each day it really make my day. The peace of that half hour works like a sort of meditation for me. It helps calm me down and I can reflect and organise in my mind what I need to do for the rest of the day.

A hot glass of tea with coffeemate, some creamcrackers to go with some butter and reading the day papers really make my day.

I know, people can say...' Now that I have retired and staying home I have got all the time in the world to do my things in the house'. I am not burden by the need to follow any rules like in the offices or meet any deadlines from any superiors. But, I can tell you by being home one need to be organise and there are also rules in the home that need to be followed.

And I like things done in an organise way.

BTW, three of us (Noormy, Aya & myself) has just been to the movie 'G.I. Joe'. It's showing at the only cinemaplex in town at Bintang Mega Mall.

While waiting for the last show to finish so we in turn can come in, I noticed that they had painted the walls and the roof some sort of green color. I think it is green as I can't really see in the dim light. They even paint the counter where they sell the popcorn and drinks. It still looks bad and gloomy to me, and I could see there are cracks at the ceiling.

Miri should have another cinemaplex built. Right now there is only one and there isn't any competition at all.

G.I.Joe Poster

G.I.Joe Trailer

As for the movie, it's good and I had a nice evening.


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