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Sunday, August 30, 2009

142. Bubur Asyura

Tired after the outing on Saturday, today I stayed home. Aya did not have time to cook this morning as she was late waking up for work. So I decided to just cook 'Bubur Asyura'. It is simple and I have some leftover rice from yesterday which I have put in the fridge the night before. I decided not to waste them.

My simple 'Bubur Asyura' served with salted quail's egg and some ketchup in it.

'Bubur Asyura' is a simple 'Bubur Nasi' (rice porridge) but you add some more ingredients to it.
Many people have their own ways of cooking this 'Bubur' and I am sure they are as delicious or maybe more. So I am showing the way it is cooked the way my grandmother taught me and I'll keep my finger crossed :)

Cook 2 cups of rice in a pot of water until it becomes a porridge form.

Add some finely sliced ginger

Add some finely sliced garlic

Throw in some rempah, like 'Bunga Lawang', 'Cengkih', 'Buah Pelaga', a bit of 'Kayu Manis' in

Add in a packet of coconut milk

Add 1 packet of 'Supreme Minced Meat'

When the meat is cooked and porridge well mixed, add in salt and aji to taste.

Besides salted quail eggs, sometimes I cooked thinly sliced salted vegetable with eggs to eat with this 'Bubur Asyura'.

Enjoy your day.


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