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Monday, August 24, 2009

137. Bubur Pedas

'Bubur Pedas' is a favourite dish during fasting month in my household. And my children likes best when I make it. I am not a good cook but I took the initiative to learn how to cook this dish from my aunty with whom I lived with when I was young. I am sure others have their own ways of cooking this dish but this is how I cooked it.

I bought 2 packets of the 'rempah' of the 'bubur pedas'. There will be lots selling in the 'Tamu Muhibbah' during the fasting month. Today I bought mine at the old 'Tamu Muhibbah' and these packets are made by 'Norisa Mohamad, Lot158, Kampung Lereng Bukit, Jalan Pujut Miri'. I bought these packets because they smells more of the 'rempah' in them. Each packet cost RM2.50.

'Rempah Bubur Pedas' RM2.50 each

In hot cooking oil in a pot, saute pounded ingredients of 3 garlic, 3 red onions and some chilli paste (self made). The chilli paste will be according to your taste, the more you put the more 'pedas' the 'bubur' will be. I like mine more so it will be a bit hotter.
Once done, add at first some water and pour in the 'rempah bubur pedas'. Let the ingredients boils in low fire for a while. This is to allow the 'rempah bubur pedas' to really gets thicken in the boiled water. Only then I would add the ready slices ingredients one by one according to their hardness to get cooked.

Add in 2 chopped chicken wings

And 3 medium sized sliced cube potatoes

Mix this packet of powdered coconut milk with half cup of water and add into the boiled ingredients

On the left is a packet of young corns (RM2 perpacket) & a knot of 'daun kunyit' (young tamarind leaves - RM1) both items are sliced very thinly. Add these too.

Add in these thinly cut long beans (1 ikat - RM2)

Now these 2 items down here can be bought altogether in 1 whole packet. I called it 'sayur campur'. It contained dry items like dry bean curd, dry mushrooms, dry tanghoon, dry pucuk pisang. These at first are soaked in water and later sliced thinly. And also added in as well.

Lastly add in half a kilo of skinned prawns.

Add salt and aji to taste.

I was surprise after adding some many ingredients the end result was I got almost a half fulled pot of 'bubur pedas' :)

My share of 'bubur pedas!

Instead of the chopped chicken wings, I could have substitute with minced meat but since we have had 'curried meat' the day before I thought let's try chicken wings instead.

'Selamat Bersungkai!'


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