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Saturday, August 15, 2009

130. Stay Home

It's Saturday and Aya is using the car. So I don't think I will be able to go out but then my weekly helper is also coming this afternoon. So maybe I'll stay home and instruct her to do some cleaning and dusting. My kitchen dining lamp and the lamp that is at the sink for washing hands are soooo...dusty!

My Kitchen Dining Lamp . I bet you can see the dust too! Ohh... I am so ashamed {blush}.

My Lamp at the 'Washing Hands' Sink, which came in pair with the kitchen lamp.

I also need her to dust and wipe clean the 2 ceiling fans at my sitting room.

Ceiling Fans at the Sitting Room. Arrghh..they need a good, good cleaning!

And beside sweeping and then mopping the ground floor, I need her to mop then sweep the laundry and the cats' sleeping area outside the kitchen. Then there'll be the cement area where I hang the clothes to dry, that too need to be swept. Today I think I'll ask her to wash the upstair bathroom. I have this phobia of falling on slippery floor these days.


Okayyy.... My 2 lamps are cleaned ! But not the ceiling fans yet. My helper too short to reach them even using my kitchen chair to stand on it. I said,' tidak apa lah, nanti saya suruh my anak to clean them for me.' I said,' he he... sayang awak terlalu pendek tidak sampai.' She hit my arm jokingly at me for kidding her :p


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