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Monday, August 17, 2009

132. Dragon Beard Candies

Boulevard Mall & Boulevard Complex has a lot of small counters or kiosks selling all sorts of things. Especially on the ground floor. A lot of varieties means a lot of interesting things to see, watch or buy, either to use or eat.

The counters looks more or less like this one. This one especially caught my eyes because these young people sell 'Dragon Beard Candies'. The candies look so cute.


This young man covers little dough of almost hard sugar solution with cornflour and start pulling one dough at a time. So as he pulls the dough becomes longer and comes into threads.

He takes some threads and places them on his hands

Then he takes some grounded cooked peanuts and places a spoon over the threads and just roll it over

Thus the shapes come like these below here. For 8 pieces they are sold for RM5

Anything like this sold at your place?

P/s. What else that caught my eyes was that these youngsters were the youngest selling there and it was a good feeling to see them worked together as a team. And the girl was a Malay girl and the 2 boys were Chinese. It was good to see such racial harmony here.


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