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Sunday, August 23, 2009

136. Morsjaya Pasar Ramadhan

I told you I was going to take some pictures of the 'Pasar Ramadhan' in my hometown, and I did :)

This afternoon on my way to send my daughter to work, I said to her,'Teman ma gi Pasar Ramadhan kat Morsjaya lok, ma nak ambik some pictures sia.' Since we have ample time before her duty starts my daughter said okay.

The 'Pasar Ramadhan' at Morsjaya is in front of the Morsjaya Sevay Supermarket. The MMC allocated white camps for the sellers.

My daughter and I went there at 130pm so it was pretty early and some of the sellers were just getting their things and goods to sell. But most of them were ready and serving customers.

I noticed not only the Bumiputra comes to buy the food here but even the Chinese did not want to miss tasting the delicacies of the local food and 'kuih-muih'. I heard one Chinese man asked,' Apa dalam itu kuih?' And the lady said,'Sambal'. I could not help smiling and said to myself,'There is harmony here.' It is a nice feeling.

One Chinese lady buying some 'kuih'. Plenty of assorted 'kuih-muih' like 'Pulut Lemang', 'Agar-agar', 'Currypuffs', 'Kuih Penyaram', 'Kuih Sampan'.

Some more 'Pulut Lemang', 'Tapai' & 'Cakes' & even 'Cincau', 'Sago' & 'Cendol' to make your own cold drinks.

Malay cuisines like 'Daging Masak Kicap', 'Udang Asam Pedas', 'Pucuk Pakis', 'Lemak Sayur Rebong','Sotong Kicap' & 'Kari Ayam'.

'Pucuk Sayur Timun' with young corns. At first I thought this is 'Masakan Pucuk Ubi' but the lady said it wasn't.

This is 'Umai Perut Sapi'. Like the 'Pucuk Sayur Timun' this is the first time I see they are cooked these way. And I do wish they are covered and not too exposed :)

This lady is selling 'Ikan Pari Bakar' & 'Ikan Merah Bakar'. There are also barbaqued 'Chicken wings & 'Chicken Thighs'.

And varieties of drinks, 'Air Kelapa', 'Air Laici', 'Air Tebu','Air Asamboy', 'Air Jagung' etcetra.

I am sure there are also 'Pasar Ramadhan' in your hometown, right?


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