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Thursday, August 27, 2009

139. How...

Today my weekly helper came to help me clean the house a bit. I am grateful I can get some help from her these days. I need her to clean those part of the house or things that I don't have time to clean them myself. I've told her just now that the festive season 'Hari Raya Puasa' is coming near I will need her to come to the house twice a week instead of once a week.

Hmm..this year's Hari Raya will be a bit different, in the way that in the past years, the cakes & biscuits will be all arrayed in my decorative trays and placed on the sitting room tables. Not this year. I think that would be impossible to do the same thing again. With my grandson Alif now a year and 4 months old and walking, I suppose nothing can be placed on the tables anymore lol...

I was at this moment thinking of how to serve and place the cakes and biscuits without Alif disturbing them. Do give me a clue how if you have any idea, he he... I did think of putting a high table nearby but that would cram up space in the sitting room. Anyway, let me think about this again later :)

I've started to get out things like vases and festive bowls for my helper to clean. There'll be more to clean but I'd like her to do it bit by bit.

Down here were some of the old vases that I bought 3 years ago which I want to use to redecorate some parts of the house but just do not know how. The problem too was they are blue in colour whereby this year's theme of my sitting room decor is the same like last year, which was brown. As for my kitchen I've decorated it with maroon and white laced curtains followed with the same red and white satin tablecloth for the 2 kitchen tables. And it looks like this year it will be the same colour as well.

Almost time for 'sungkai time' I suddenly crave for fried ikan pusu or 'fried anchovies'.
So I made some! It was as a side dish, I like eating it with hot rice.

And 'fried ikan pusu' has plenty of protein.


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