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Thursday, August 20, 2009

134. Soup

This morning I woke up a bit late, at 7am. I was tired yesterday. My usual time was 630am, take a shower for 20minutes, dressed up for the day and be downnstair by 7am. When downstair I don't sit down, I will be cleaning any dirty dishes and dirty pots that has been used the day before, that surely takes another 15 minutes. Then I have to think of what to cook for the day's meal. Today Aya (my 3rd daughter) is on noon shift so she have time to cook for me. Otherwise when she is on morning shift and has to rush with time, I just think of a quickie menu. I told her today we'll have some white radish with chicken wings soup. Not everyday I'd like her to cook spicy food as my stomach nowadays can't much tolerate too much of that. And especially today I like to eat something 'chinese' after the hot chicken curry she cooked yesterday. I think it is good to have more soup in our meals than too much 'santan' dishes :)

My usual time to clean the cats' litter bins and changed their drinks & food would be after thinking out the day's meal. By then Alif would have woken up and time to be with me, as his mum got to go to work.

We'll be having our breakfast together at the table around 830am or 9am. Aya would be cooking in the kitchen. I had the washing machine working on the laundry and by 9am or 930am Alif will be having his morning nap. Alif usually naps for an hour or one and a half hour.

I use the one hour or one and a half hour to either do sweeping the floor, read the day's newpapers (if I didn't read it during breakfast earlier on) or help Aya with her cooking or just sit down do blogging.

You see, that's probably half of the day gone. And who says housewives and stay at home people got plenty of time to do their work at home? It's the same, we all have only 24 hours in a day ha ...

Today we had chinese radish soup with chicken wings.

Chinese Radish

Radish is a vegetable with thin white skin and white flesh, this vegetable can be eaten raw ( appetizer and salads) or cooked (ingredient to soup dishes). To retain the freshness and crunchiness of this vegetable it is advised to soak it in a cold water. Radish is rich in vitamin C.

Our meal for today, 'Cooked Chinese Radish with Chicken Wings Soup'.

I have a 'soft spot' for chinese radish because it reminds me of meals that were served to us when I was a nurse trainee in Kuching Nurses' Home. It seemed almost everyday I had to eat this white chinese radish soup, and with nothing added to it too! Just plain soup! And if you eat something the same each day siapa yang tak jelak ha...? He he...I think I didn't eat this radish for quite a while after I finished the training.

Believe it or not, it is only recently I want to buy it in town and start cooking it with meat or chicken. And I find out give it a chance, it can be delicious too!


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