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Saturday, July 4, 2009

92. Groceries

I hate buying groceries for the month. Today I went. Alone, which is worse. The thing is, the 2 girls were both at work, so unable to help. Buying is not a problem but it is after paying, I have to push the trolley full of plastic bags of food stuffs into the lift and out to the 1st floor then push it out to my car. The supermarket at the Imperial Mall is in the basement.

And today when I see that there weren't too many plastic bags I thought I could hand carry them up the escalator and to my car. Not that easy! Halfway I had to stop in front of the Kodak shop, put down the bags so that I could clenched my hands to let the blood flow. They were so numb, and I didn't realised the bags could be that heavy! And then to my embarassment the man at the Kodak shop thought I wanted to buy some kodak.

Anyway, I did managed to get to my car.

Prior to all that I had to drive Zu and Alif to the Servay supermarket to buy his milk then sent them home before I set off to the Imperial Mall to buy those groceries. Then there were other things to buy too, like Wiwi's wiskas and his litter sands. I also wanted to buy a good rack to put my DVD player and Astro decoder on top of it. For the rack, I had to drive up to the Boulevard Complex to get it. The Maoo supermarket did not have the size of rack that I wanted. I think I spent too much time at the Imperial Mall and the Boulevard Complex.

By 930pm my car was full of groceries and other stuffs. And my car is only a small car, a Kancil. Now, where is Aya going to sit? I am supposed to fetch her around 930 or so. I made a quick call to Noormy who was already home. She advised me to come home quickly and send the groceries first then go down again to fetch Aya. That way there'll be space and meanwhile she could help me arranging the groceries into the cupboard or wherever they were supposed to be. Good girl! I said to myself, I know I could always rely on her.

So that's what I did. Go back home to send the groceries first. Joni (Zu's husband) & Noormy helped carry the groceries from the car into the house quickly and by 940pm I was driving down again to fetch Aya. To Bintang Mega Mall, you know.

And you know what, there was always this traffic jam along the road in front of the Mall. Worse this evening as it was Saturday night. I supposed everyone going out and to the Bintang Mega Mall.

So I waited for Aya to come off duty in my car along the road next to the KFC. Luckily Aya was late. So while waiting I took this picture of the jam. I guessed by then Mega Mall shops were closing and everyone going home.

The traffic jam, see?

That's going back but it'll be worse from 10am onwards as everyone coming to Mega Mall. As soon as you drive your car in, there'll be a point where there'll be cars coming down from the high parking space as well as cars going up. Met by some cars coming out from the parking space in front of the Mall. Then some cars behing me would want to turn to this road where I was waiting for Aya. Plus there will be pedestrians as well. The road at the front of the Mall is really congested.

I hope they will do something to improve the situation before someone get hurt or some cars knock each other soon.

Until then do drive safely, especially there.


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