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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

95. An Indonesian Dish

I love to eat 'Nasi Lalapan' at Mahyan Cafe. This is a heavy dish and I especially go there to eat it when I am very hungry and craving for some sambal belacan with 'ulam'. This is an Indonesian dish and here it is prepared by a young Indonesian couple.

I often order the nasi lalapan with 'Ikan Tilapia'. It is fried and usually big, served with white rice, tempe, sambal belacan with ripe tomato, and the ulam will be raw cabbage, and boiled long beans and 'sayur bayam'. And I eat with my hands and enjoyed every minute of it! He he...gone are the table etiques for a while.

Nasi Lalapan RM10.00

A delicious fried 'tempe'

Go on, try it! Enjoy...


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