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Friday, July 31, 2009

112. A Trip

This was last night! I was busy choosing my clothes and packing them into my travelling bag.

But today I am in Kuching!

I was on flight MH2903 and much to my dismay...they served me with a small cup of orange juice and
A small packet of 'Kacang Masin'(salted peanut) ha ha ha..

Anyway I am in Kuching...

At 2pm I was at Kuching waterfront 'gi look2 see2 if the 'so much talked about' Kuching Regatta' was still going on. It has been years since I last saw one.

I was lucky to catch one race.
So I snapped some pictures...

This 'perahu' of men were just getting ready for the race

The race just starting...



Overall, I didn't know who or which 'perahu' won the race, as the commentator was too far away from me and I could not hear a word he said. Plus it was so hot out in the sun that I could barely pay attention or care to what he was saying lol..

But I can tell you it was an outing, not only there is a regatta going on, Kuching people were also busy putting up tents selling food, things and promoting stuffs.


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