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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

99. Homemade 'Sup Tulang'

I still can remember Noormy saying,'Sedap eating at home ma eh'. She seldom eats at home unless it is on her off days. At work at Marriot the workers have their own canteen and food are provided.

Speaking of 'sedap', this morning I decided we'll eat 'Sup Tulang' today. I've got left a small pack of meat ribs in my fridge, I counted there were 10 pieces, big chunks so I thought enough to go round for everyone. I can add potatoes and a small packet of 'Tang hoon' into it as well.

And that's just what I did. I boiled the ribs in a pot of water, let it cook for an hour to soften the meat part, pounded 3 medium garlic and 2" ginger, throw in some 'rempah'. When the meat has soften I add cut potatoes and later the 'Tang hoon'. Salt to taste and lots of pepper.

Come to eating time at lunch, Noormy asked,'Kenak sup ma kali tok warna nya putih, sik cam selalu clear jak?' So I said,' Kali kenak tanghoon ya dimasak lamak gilak kali',
But put aside how it looked like, Noormy ate 2 bowls! She said,'Sedap eh'.

I enjoyed it too. :)

This is how my bowl of 'Sup Tulang' looked like, after adding sliced cili padi and some fried onions.


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