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Sunday, July 19, 2009

104. A Long Day

Today's been a long day. I woke very early as early as 6am to clean up outside my house surroundings. There were too many old mango leaves on the grass which need to be raked and burnt. And that's what I did as soon as I dressed up in my work clothes (an old t shirt and a pair of khaki shorts).

It took me about 2 whole hours to clean the compound and part of the area outside the gate, get the dried leaves together and burned them. Later I had a quick breakfast and started to clean my cats' litter bins, changed their drinking water, fed and let them loose to play around in the house.

I had lunch with Noormy later and it was only about 130pm that I went upstair to take my shower. I had a 2 hour's sleep from 4pm - 6pm. When I woke up I remembered I hadn't put back my cats back into their cages. So I went downstair to do it.

All done, I saw the time was 630pm. Then hubby came home and it was time to go and view a new refrigerator at Chan's Furniture or at Courts. It had started raining, cold and we had to use a motorbike to go to the 2 places. We ended up at Courts only as Chan's Furniture is closed on Sundays. There's one Panasonic refrigerator which caught my eyes, a 256L costing RM1,249. Hubby said he will survey again the ones that he viewed at Chan's Furniture the other day to compare. I said fine with me. After all he is paying for the refrigerator :p

On the way back I was hungry and cold, so we stopped to eat at the 'Al-Asna Restaurant' near Imperial Mall to eat something and drink some hot drink. I ate 'Mee Mamak' asking the Indian man to cook it 'pedas pedas' (hot) and drank a big glass of hot 'Teh' (Hot Tea with Condensed Milk).

Mee Mamak

Hubby drank 'Teh C' (Hot Tea with Ideal Evaporated Milk) and ate a piece of 'Roti Canai' with 'Dhal'.

We shared a plate of this 'Rojak Tambi'.

It was about 7.40pm when we finally rode home. I was full and my stomach started to feel uncomfortable. Maybe I ate too fast.

It was still raining and I was a bit wet and feeling very cold. I don't like feeling cold because my hands get 'pins and needle' and numb.

When I reached home I had to cook some vege for dinner. It's been a long day.


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