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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100. Not Good Mood & Sambal

I am not in a very good mood today, since this afternoon in fact. And when I am not in a good mood I am lazy to cook. So today the family is eating yesterday's 'Labu Kuning Masak Lemak' which I had put away in the fridge last night. I did scrambled to 'goreng' 'Sayur Ketola' which when I cut them, most were too hard ('old') and cannot be eaten, so what's left that was cooked was so limited in amount. So not everybody eat it including me. Ah, I didn't mind really, I can do with just rice and the 'Labu Kuning Masak Lemak' I told myself. Which I did. But much to my delight Noormy bought me a piece of KFC on her way back from work. So, dinner was just fine for me.

I just want to share this, there's a small tin of 'Sambal Special' it says, (I bought last weekend) which I opened to eat with my rice just now. It was, how do I say... it wasn't nice to taste at all. I took a bit with my spoon to taste and I said to myself,' yuckkss, sik nyaman!'. I was pretty disappointed. I was expecting it to be hotter than it was, well, since it says the word 'special' there on the label. Because it tasted not nice at all, it made me looked at the label closely. It's produced by Wee Marketing Sdn Bhd in Kuching. Yet I wonder if 'Sambal Special' really taste like that or it was my taste that is different? The ingredients content were anchovies (ikan pusu), chillies, spices, onions, palm oil and salt.

I took pictures of it. I don't know why. Perhaps I was too disappointed in the taste.



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