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Saturday, July 11, 2009

97. Relax Weekend

This weekend I intended not to go out. Partly because this is due to this A (H1N1) cases which seemed to gradually increased here in my hometown, partly because I need to 'tighten my belt' for a while as I have been spending and spending a lot lately. Also I was thinking it would be nice just to stay home, eat and sleep lol... and that's exactly what I did today!

This afternoon I slept, from 3.30pm and woke up at 7pm, that's 3 and a half hours! When I woke up I thought it was morning then I looked at my room clock and thought for a few minutes and realized it was evening. Then I remembered my cats, I need to clean up their litter bins and prepare them for the night. Also I need to cook some vege for dinner. So after making up my bed I went downstair to do all those.

Today dinner was merry. My son came to sleep at my house this weekend ( he lives out), Joni (Zu's husband) came back from fishing and Aya back from work. So everybody were at dinner table and there was a lot of chatting. I finally went upstair to my room at 9.30pm.

I have a book which I wanted to finish this weekend. I had borrowed it from the library since April. It's written by Robert Raymer an expatriate who has been living in Malaysia for 21 years. You can read more about him at his blog http://borneoexpatwriter.blogspot.com/.

I find his books quite interesting especially this one I am reading called 'Lovers and Strangers''.

Also I agree with what he talks about teaching Maths and Science in English at school in his blog.

Meanwhile I'd like to go on reading, and lazing around...

Have a great weekend everyone!



mira said...


i just saw this post and just have to comment on this.. hehehe.. Mr. Robert Raymer was my one of the best lecturers when i was in uni. I was in a different field so i took his class to really take my mind off what i was working on. He taught 'Creative English Writing' and i wrote quite a few stories when i was in his class. He was superb and his son was sssssooooo cute! :) yes, he was one hell of a great guy teaching me how to expand my interest in writing. =) glad that you enjoyed his book! :) hehe..

Puan Isah said...

Yes dear :) mak isah enjoyed his book. Did you see him on tv last month 31May? I did! Mak Isah likes his simple English and down to earth stories :) & a fan to his blog!