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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

106. Missed

Just a few days ago I read in the local papers that there was a promotion of new dishes at 'Kaya & Toast' here.

Kaya & Toast
Lot1092, Block 9,
Miri Concession Land District
Jalan Merpati, Miri, Sarawak

So wanting to try their new menus I went down with Aya & Alif this morning. We reached the place at about 10am. Well, I didn't really read thoroughly at the advertisement. I missed the 'time' part, because it says those new dishes were only available from 12noon - 3pm. And I came at 10am!

Lazy to go around to another eatery, I parked my car and we ate there. Plus Alif will soon be sleepy because he had missed his morning nap, so there was no time to loose.

As usual I ate my favourite until now and that was 'Curry Mee'(RM5.90). It is curry with a piece of drumstick in it, sliced 'Dried Tauhu', sliced 'Baked Potatoes'and for garnish there were sliced red chillies and sliced 'Daun Bawang'.

I tried their new drink 'Iced Lemon Lychee Drink'(RM3.00). This is iced lemon juice (very mild) with some sliced lemon in it and they put a couple of lychee fruits in it.

Aya ate 'Nasi Lemak Special' (RM6.90). In it there were a round bowl shaped of nasi lemak, an egg, a piece of fried chicken, potatoes with gravy, the nasi lemak sambal of course, plus there were some fried peanuts, fried anchovies and for garnish, one keropok, and some sliced cucumber and carrot.

Aya drank 'Iced Lemon Tea (RM2.10). It is tea with some sliced lemon in it.

As for Alif, he ate not one of these half boiled eggs but he finished two!

Alif busy looking at the crowd of people around him

Also when paying earlier on, they gave us a 'Chop & Sign' card. Each time if we come to eat at 'Kaya & Toast' and the meal is worth more than RM10, our card will be stamped. 8 times being stamped will allowed us 1 free meal, either it is 'Nasi Lemak Special' or 'Curry & Mee' or 'Sausage French Toast'.

The 'Chop & Sign' card.

Anyway, we went home feeling full and satisfied. I still wonder how were the new dishes that I missed :p

Did you try any of them?


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