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Monday, July 13, 2009

98. What I did this Afternoon

I was on my tummy on the floor 'nguyut' my grandson Alif sleeping in his 'sarong' hammock. I was sitting at my laptop table earlier on but he suddenly cried in his sleep. I think he 'terkejut' hearing some people banging or drilling something on the wall to make or renovate their house just a few blocks away (I am staying in a double storey terrace house.

Huh, a lot of noise, people seemed busy doing something like painting or drilling or banging on their house in order to beautify because 'Hari Raya' is just around the corner. 'Puasa' (fasting) will start on 22nd August probably depending on sighting of the moon. For me this year 'Hari Raya Puasa' is really early. I said that because usually Hari Raya falls in the later months like October, Novemeber even December. Last year it was in October or was it September? Sigh, I lost count now...

It seemed early for me maybe because I am not sure whether I should make new curtains for the sitting room this year. I haven't decide. I had spent a lot on last year's curtains. Imagine, Rm18 for a metre of curtain cloth! Ha...these days nothing is cheap. And I've set last year's theme as brown color, including resurfacing all the settees into brown color. And that cost me RM1,300 altogether. So I was thinking of not spending soo..much this year!

These are pictures of my sitting room during last year's 'Hari Raya Puasa' with the brown theme.




I've looked at the washed curtains just now, they are still okay. So perhaps I will just make a new plain white curtain for the door that joins the sitting room and the kitchen. Add some new cushion with covers of white, brown and yellow. And still make use of the last year's curtains for the rest of the sitting room windows. That way I will not spend as much as last year. Hmmm... now I've made up my mind :)

Like I said, I was thinking of changing the curtain of this door to a white thicker curtain.

Alif returned back to sleep after I repeatedly 'uyut' him. Now I can't sit at my laptop table because he occasionally fidget in his 'sarong' meaning he wants to wake up. I am trying to make him sleep as long as possible, enough sleep is good for him.
So, I'll just lie on my tummy and continue writing. Then I'll transfer everything I wrote later into my post.



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