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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

110. A Long Day & a Mess

Last Monday (yesterday) was such a very long day for me. I and Alif spent almost the whole day in the car. We went shopping for a laptop for Noormy! Of oourse la, Noormy went too :p

We did look around paxen and viewed almost all the shops that sell laptops. Make me wonder there were so many brands now selling in town eh. Actually Noormy had her eyes on one hp compaq the other day at SenQ, paxen, but of all days they had to close for the morning saying they need to download a number of things. With Alif tagging we couldn't afford to linger and waste too much time in case he gets tired. Then I need to return to the car to prepare his milk feed or make him go to sleep in his car seat.

In the end we ended up at the computer shop called 'Amiden Computer Centre Sdn Bhd' at Jalan Bulan Sabit, where I bought my BenQ and where Aya bought her Fujitsu laptop. I still prefer to buy there because the shop have their own technicians and well the lady (her name is Samantha) will spend time to explain to you and let you compare a couple of laptops first.

And that was what she did with Noormy, had previously done with me and Aya before. She had a 'Compaq' laptop, a 'Dell' laptop and an 'Acer' laptops to show to Noormy.
Later Noormy had just to choose between the Dell and the Acer. The Dell was only 1 year guarantee. 2GB, and free Dos.
The Acer, a promotion for that unit, 3 years guarantee, 4GB, and a Window Vista licenced.

Noormy chose the Acer. And I think she made a good choice.
Her Acer laptop still in plastic!

I myself had wanted the shop to register me for a Celcom broadband. I paid RM299 and they did all the registration for me and help run the vodafone later on. So by this afternoon I can try it and see whether it is working. Like my wireless streamyx, I have to pay RM68 starting from next month.

My 'Vodafone HSDP 7.2mbps Data card'

We reached home around 5pm. As soon as home I told Noormy to try whether her laptop works with my streamyx at home. The girl technician had done it once at the shop and it worked. Later Noormy said she couldn't connect. I said now what. I tried my BenQ, I could get in but couldn't browse at all. Same with Aya's fujitsu laptop.
What a mess I said. Then Zu came home to bring the old pc cpu and said she had reformatted and it was okay now but need my help to connect the necessary wires at the back. Her technician had installed a 'Wireless G Desktop Adaptor' at the back of the cpu.
When connected it was the same, also couldn't browse the internet.

The Wireless G Desktop Adaptor

Then I had to call Zu's technician to help out. It was already 8pm when I called him. He came but he couldn't do much too and in the end he just made a report to TM and asked me to wait see if tomorrow it will ok. Ahh... that oost me another RM25.

Zu's desktop computer, now she had moved it from my room to downstair.

After all that mess TM called me as early as 745am this morning to ask if my internet was okay or not. I said I tried this morning at 6am and it seemed okay. The man called 'Shah' said it was because their gateway to KL wasn't good that was why I couldn't connect yesterday.

Sometimes Streamyx can be very irritating, a while ago I remember I couldn't get into the internet for 4 whole days.

I am glad I can today.


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