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Friday, July 10, 2009

96. Simple

Hishh...I suddenly woke up to hearing Aya calling me,' ma... ma...' When I opened my eyes I was lying with my notebook in front of me on my bed and the tv on with my one of my favourite movies of the 'Midsomer Murders', ending. I've fallen asleep for a while. Earlier on I was on my tummy on my bed trying to do 2 things at one time ha ha... watched tv as well as try to read this new website I've found called 'The All Malaysian Bloggers Project'. I answered Aya and looked up at the clock above my bed and saw it was 10.50pm. I must have fallen asleep for the past 40 or 50 minutes.

I must have been either very tired or it must have been due to eating too much at dinner time earlier on. I guess it must have been due to the former more likely, as I woke up a little bit too early this morning. Yep. I woke up at about 6am and by 6.30 I was already downstair in my kitchen cleaning up the night's leftovers and dishes and having breakfast by 7am. After that it was with Alif and doing the day's work routine like cleaning up my cats' litter bins, changing fresh food and water for them, letting them in the house to play till late noon and then doing laundry.

Luckily I have Aya to cook before she goes off to work this morning. By afternoon I was already collecting the clothes from the cloth lines and putting Alif away to sleep. Usually I napped together with him but not this afternoon, all the more reason why I was feeling tired.

Right now I am feeling okay, not as sleepy. Perhaps now I can wait up for Noormy to come home from her afternoon shift at 12mn. Today life is simple for me, just being home.

Meanwhile let me bide the time by posting some pictures of a simple vege dish I cooked this evening. Simple but delicious to eat with some hot rice !

I've got only this 'Labu Putih' in my fridge this evening, so I decided to cook just half of it. I have still the main dish ' Ikan Asam Pedas' which Aya cooked this morning.

Sliced and washed

I have a number of fresh tomatoes in the fridge so I sliced 2 to add in later

Running out of anchovies (ikan pusu), I decided to do without, so I pounded 2 red onions and 2 garlic, 2 big chillies plus a pinch of 'belacan' into my 'batu lesong'. Then I fried these ingredients in a bit of hot cooking oil for a couple of minutes before throwing the sliced 'labu putih' into it. I added some water, put the fire a bit low and wait for the 'labu putih' to soften before adding the tomatoes in. Lastly add some salt to taste.

and walaaa.. I have this for dinner!

I hope you've enjoyed your dinner like I did.


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