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Sunday, July 5, 2009

93. Icecream

Remember in my last post I wrote about the awful traffic jam at Bintang Mega Mall? Well today I went there wanting to eat icecream at 'Taste Better' on the ground floor. The kiosk is next to 'The Big Apple Donuts', if you don't know where it is.
It was a hot day today and suddenly I was feeling very thirsty after napping for 20 minutes. So Aya & I just took off and drive to the place.

We drove up to look for a parking space and finally got one on the 5th floor. So we went down to 2nd floor by lift and went down to ground floor by the escalator.

This is the view as we walked down from the parking space to the entrance

And this is from the parking space going down to the entrance, just a couple of steps away. So convienient, yes?

This is the view looking down from the parking space, high eh?

'Taste Better' has 2 big icecream machines like these. On the left is for the exotic tropical fruits icecream ( many flavours like kiwi, jackfruit, durian, soursoup etc) & on the right soon to come will be the yogurt iceblended with fruit pulp. Hmm..cool, besides durian I like yogurt too.

This is durian with sliced strawberry for topping RM5.30. Of course as always I love durian, it is creamy, very nice but I wish I can taste and smells more of the durian. He he...maybe I am expecting it like when I was eating their 'durian puffs', where I can smell and taste durian all over me :p I finished the whole lot though ha..

Aya tried the 'Jackfruit' flavour, she prefered the icecream in a cone RM3.30. I tasted it too. Unfortunately it is like mine, very creamy (which is good) but not enough of the 'jackfruit' taste in it.

But don't worry folks, because I know the owner I've told him exactly what I said here and he said he will surely asked his people to make 'Taste Better' even taste better including the icecream!
'Taste Better' is newly opened in town and for my benefit (eating durian flavours) :p I am sure there will be so much room for improvement.

And this is called 'Fresh Fruit Cream Muffin' RM2.80 each. Inside the muffin they inject durian (or other flavours that you want) and topped up with durian cream & sliced strawberry.


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