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Saturday, July 18, 2009

103. Cleaning My Kitchen

It's Saturday... I should be resting on my bed but... ahhh..my weekly helper decide to come today instead of last Thursday. I usually get Alif off me after a half day with him as his mom is back from work by 1pm or 130pm. And usually after that I would be upstair in my room resting, see tv or reading or online. But today... I have to come down every now and then to supervise my weekly helper. I 'curik' (steal) time now to blog a bit and maybe like I said just now I'll still have to come down to see her.

Today I asked her to clean the wiring area on the wall that is above my stove. It's been months and months since it had been clean, probably since last year's 'Hari Raya Puasa' I think. Hmmm... must be dirty huh?

And then I asked her to clean the 2 wall fans in my kitchen and the sitting fan at the sitting room outside. I mentioned if she can clean my mirrors on the wall too ( I have many mirrors on my walls), hope she didn't forget that. The other usual things she does would be sweeping the floors, mopping them, cleaning the kitchen sinks and the drain just outside the kitchen. I'll go and check on her in a bit :)

She finished all her work by 5pm, I paid her 'gaji' (she prefers on weekly basis), and she went home after that. I am usually pleased with her work.
She has cleaned my netting (you can see part of it) and my cooking area. Cleaned.

I have this second kitchen table which I wanted to clear some of the things on it.
I've moved it further to the middle part of the floor. Previously it was next to the wall and now that I've moved it there were some marks on the floor which need to be cleaned.

Now it's cleared and I can sit there to read my newspapers. No more marks on the floor too.

This table is where we sit to eat as a family, now it looked arranged and the tiled floor swept and mopped.

Two of these kitchen fans were also cleaned.

Now I am pleased to see my kitchen tidy and feel cleaned.


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