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Monday, July 20, 2009

105. Today's Briskwalk

This morning I went for a briskwalk around my housing area. I started off about 6am, it was still a bit dark. When I passed one house the dogs inside it's gate started barking. I sweared in my breath. Hishh... I was ready with a 'tongkat' in my hand. I briskwalked with it all the way. I reached the shoplot area at about 620am. I passed by the shoplots, most of them were still closed. I guessed they open about 7am or so. I think the earliest people were those selling at the 'Tamu' area.

We have our own 'Market' building, where they sell all types of vegetables and other food to cook.
Here, some of them who had opened and lay out their things waiting for customers to buy.

Now beside this building just outside there were a lot of sellers selling jungle products. You can find all sorts here. They sell as early as 6am, closed and went home around noon.

Here the early sellers already waiting for customers.

Some of them were just preparing to lay out their goods for sale.

I continued my walk and reached home at 630am, feeling sweaty and a need to drink.


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