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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

94. Cute

I was not really in the mood of penning down many words tonight, so I created this instead.
On the far right is my second child, my son Farouk. Next to him is his sister Zu, who is my eldest daughter and mother to Alif.
Far left is Aya, my 3rd daughter and next to her is my youngest daughter Noormy carrying Alif.

On something else, there was a new addition to my number of cats. Last Sunday Aya & I adopted 'MILI' (female, on the left) who belongs to Aya and 'MELO' (male, on the right)who belongs to me.
They are mixed siamese & persian cats, as shown here they were deep asleep during the night.

See, aren't they cute? They are only a couple of weeks old.
Caught them with the many ways of how they sleeps.

Melo's eyes shiny due to hp my flashlight
Cuddled up together
Melo woke up earlier than Mili


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