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Friday, July 24, 2009

108. Don't Like To Cook

I had supper a while ago, at 11pm! At home and with Aya who had just returned home from her afternoon duty. My supper was just a bowl of 'Masak Asam Batang Keladi'. Earlier this evening hubby cooked it. If you must know, this is one vege that I don't like to cook, well unless I had to. Actually the 'Batang-batang Keladi' were given to me by my weekly helper. She plants a lot of vegetables and one of them is this. She gave me a handful last Thursday when she came to clean the house.

After eating there was some leftover so I poured it into a glass big bowl with a lid and stored it in the refrigerator. It can still be eaten tomorrow. I think it is good practice not to waste food.

This is 'Masak Asam Batang Keladi'.


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