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Thursday, July 16, 2009

101. Breakfast & Dessert

I tried drinking milo with fresh milk for breakfast this morning. The fact is, I can never tolerate fresh milk before, I mean drinking it alone. So I decided to try mix it with milo.
This morning I poured hot water into my mug, add 2 tablespoons of milo powder then pour some of this fresh milk I've bought called 'HL' for RM5.20 per packet.

To my surprise it tasted good. Suddenly I made up my mind to start drinking this milk with milo for the rest of my life ha ha...now am health conscious kata kan lol...

The Milk

My mug of milo with fresh milk.

On another thing, 'makboy' (my weekly helper) phoned, said she will come on Saturday instead of today (she comes every Thursday). So I said okay...

It is good to have her because my house needs dusting done especially as our festive season 'Hari Raya Puasa' is approaching soon. So fine with me, I'll see her this Saturday.

Today I had 'Bubur Makaroni with Sago Pellets' for dessert. Actually my 3rd daughter cooked it.

Do you know what is 'sago pellets'? These are how they look like. You boil these (half a cup), not too much, in a small pot for a long time until they are clear in color, only then you add it to the 'Bubur Makaroni'.

As for the makaroni, it is San Remo's, 2 full cups will do and you have to soak it in water first.

Later just add the 'makaroni' into a pot of boiling water (not too much as you are going to add a packet of this coconut milk to it.

And oh, of course you have to add sugar and a pinch of salt to taste of course, otherwise it will be tasteless. :p

And if you have a couple of 'pandan leaves' add that too.

And you will have a more aromatic 'Bubur Makaroni with Sago Pellets' for the day.

The cooked 'Bubur Makaroni with Sago Pellets'

Pandan leaves and it's uses -
Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant with long green leaves. In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a unique taste and aroma to many desserts and some drinks. Pandan leaves can also be used to wrap savory foods, such as chicken or even meat.
Pandan paste is used in cakes and desserts, as it is sweet and imbues foods with a bright green color. It can be purchased as a ready-to-use paste in Asian specialty stores. If purchased fresh, pandan leaves should be pounded into a paste for use in desserts, adding water sparingly.


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