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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

111. Today...

It's 1030am. I am waiting for Noormy to finish her breakfast, so I can send her to work, while Alif is still sleeping. Aya is off today so I can leave him with her for a while. I am sleepy myself, woke up at 630 this morning. I am feeling kinda excited because Friday I will be going to Kuching with hubby to 'jenggok' (see) mom-in-law. She isn't feeling quite well lately so I thought it's best I go too to pay her a visit. Back to 'feeling kinda excited'...well, it isn't the trip lol..it's the going there and also trying my new Vodafone Celcom Broadband. So this Friday I am going to bring along my BenQ, my vodafone celcom broadband in my bag. I prefer staying indoors fiddling with my laptop rather than going out. Lately there is an uprise of this A H1N1 in Kuching and Miri. And that worries me a lot.

This evening at about 630pm I asked Aya to accompany me going to Bintang Mega Mall to look for a bag for my BenQ. I didn't like it's original bag that the shop gave me because it looks thick and clumsy. Now I need one since I am going to carry my laptop to Kuching this Friday. I just need a thinner one to hold my BenQ. And I got one!

Look! isn't it cute?

I bought the bag at 'PC Image' on the 3rd floor. I like this bag because I can use my BenQ without taking it from the bag (like in the pic above), and when it is zipped I can carry it by a small handle it has or carry it in my arms. Very convenient. It is just for the BenQ so maybe my vodafone and my charger will have to go into my 'Adidas' handbag.

I was at 'Starbucks Coffee' to show off my new laptop bag later. Actually I was also trying my Celcom Vodafone Broadband as well. The internet was good there.

Starbucks Coffee at Bintang Mega Mall.

I drank 'Hot Brewed Coffee' RM7.50

Aya drank 'Raspberry BC Tea' RM13.50

It was relaxing to be there. It was not the drinks we had that were nice but the atmosphere and surroundings at Starbucks Coffee is. I personally feel the coffee I had is too 'kaw' (thick) that it was bitter by the time it was cold. And tasting Aya's raspberry drink, I find it was too 'masam' (sour). Sorry, I hope any 'Starbucks Coffee' workers or management aren't reading this :) . Perhaps my taste totally different from the people who frequent this place.

Anyway, we stayed and enjoyed being there for about an hour then head to 'Sugarbun' at Imperial Mall to have some fish.

It was a nice evening.


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