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Thursday, July 2, 2009

91. A Kenduri

Ahh... free at last!

Free means for now, I am no more looking after my grandson Alif, finished cooking, finished cleaning up my 2 cats' litter bins, giving them food and preparing them for the night in their cages. NOW I am upstairs relaxing in my airconditioned room and sitting in front of my notebook.

The thing is, I didn't blog last night, I was too tired. I went to Dolly's (Noormy's God Mother) house for a 'kenduri'(a Malay dinner where friends and relatives are invited). Back from there about 1030pm, stomach fulled and was too tired even to lift my 2 feet ha ha...

Of all things, I didn't bring my hp to the kenduri, so alas, no pictures taken. I wished I hadn't left my hp home then. Now this post has got no pictures of the kenduri.

There were plenty of people, most were Dolly's friends and men from the mosque. Zu came with Alif and Noormy later. It is tradition when Dolly invites me and family for 'makan' or 'kenduri' to her house, I would give some food just to add up to the many varieties that she served. Last night I brought her some 'durian puff's' which I bought from 'Taste Better' at Bintang Mega Mall. I bought 8 packets of their durian puffs to bring to her. Well, the people at the kenduri simply love the puffs and some even brought home. In the beginning they did not know the puffs were filled with durian but once the news spread around everyone want to taste one. I guess there wasn't enough puffs to go around he he...

In case you missed my previous post this is how the durian puffs look like

Amidst all the cakes, puffs and fruits there were rice and there were plenty of cuisines, like 'Rendang Ayam', 'Danging Kicap', 'Lemak Sayur Campur', 'Sambal Perut Tuala' (my favourite) and 'Ulam-ulam'. Everyone ate like hantu ha ha..
That was why when home I tried to blog but my eyelids just wouldn't open.

On a different note... I've just join 'Miri Bloggers' for free and able to link with a logo to my blog. Feels quite proud Miri bloggers has a website chewahhh...! :)

I think I crash early tonight so goodnight everyone!


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