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Saturday, July 25, 2009

109. Aya 'Belanja'

Today it's Aya's off day. We (Myself, Aya & Noormy) went to eat 'Nasi Lalapan' at a different eatery which is called 'Muara Restoran'. It is situated very near the Miri river at the Waterfront area.

The place was airy and from where I sat I could watched some boys fishing (I don't know for fish or crabs) near the riverside. Quite a nice place to sit, and quite a nice view too.

When we reached there they were plenty of people. I met one of my friends eating 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Bawal'. I discovered that if you choose 'Ikan Bawal' the fish will be weigh before they cook it for you, meaning the bigger the fish is the higher is the price, he he...

I talked about 'Nasi Lalapan' too in my no.95 post recently. But I ate that at 'Mahyan Cafe'. And what I ate there was 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Tilapia', which is to me taste much nicer than 'Ikan Bawal'. Plus the cost is fixed for Rm10.00.

I had a feeling Noormy thought we were going to 'Mahyan Cafe' today and she was a little disappointed. But the eating was on Aya's so she just followed and ate ha ha...

In the end all 3 of us ate 'Nasi Lalapan Ayam Goreng' (fried chicken) and the good part was all were given the thigh part of a chicken. I think this was standard.

'Nasi Lalapan Ayam Gorend' RM9.00
consists of fried chicken leg, sambal with tomato paste, tauhu & tempe, some cucumber and long beans as well as white cabbage, pucuk daun ubi. They also gave a small bowl of 'Sup Kosong'.

As usual we finished clean our plates then only gave our opinions to each other lol...

I agreed with Noormy, we both will still go to 'Mahyan Cafe' for our 'Nasi Lalapan'. But Aya prefered this one as they gave more of the 'Sambal'.

We sat for an hour there. Later we dropped by at Bintang Mega Mall, just 'kayo-kayo' (walking around) then off to the vet to get Zu's cat home. A'ahh... pretty tiring for the feet after walking around eh?


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